WE JAM 2020 - Experience Bahamas Carnival

Goombay Experiences presents WE JAM” the Ultimate ALL-INCLUSIVE Bahamas Carnival package that offers the most value for your money.  This is the perfect option for the avid Carnival Chaser, Soca Junkie, or Newbie looking for a budget friendly carnival experience.

We Jam is essentially carnival made easy.  It includes top notch all-inclusive  hotel accommodations (including food and rum), events, and amenities all in one price. We also take care of the planning to provide you with a stress free, hassle free experience. There are no hidden fees and no gimmicks.

Email us at info@goombayconcierge.com  or call us at 1 (242) 828-2091

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  • All-Inclusive resort accommodations at Superclubs Breezes Resort & Spa
  • Four (4) Fetes/Parties ( Dutty Crew J’ouvert + La Vie + two (2) events of your choice from our list of options )
  • Costume included | (back-line female & male costumes) with access to the road parade to play mas). Upgrades are available at cost.
  • Costume concierge| Includes delivery. We will facilitate a mas camp visit if necessary
  • Cooler fete concierge (We provide your drinks for any cooler fete)
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Reliable transportation
  • Round trip airport transportation
  • Complimentary Carnival Saturday Makeup
  • 24/7 on-call concierge to assist with special requests


  • All-Inclusive resort accommodations at Superclubs Breezes resort and Spa
  • Four (4) Fetes/Parties (Dutty Crew J’ouvert + La Vie + two (2) events of your choice from our list of options)
  • View the carnival road parade as a spectator (optional)
  • Cooler fete concierge (We provide your drinks for any cooler fete)
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Reliable transportation
  • Round trip airport transportation
  • Complimentary Carnival Saturday Makeup
  • 24/7 on-call concierge to assist with special requests

Please click on Costume for more information on costumes and the mas bands we are working with.

Please click on Events to view all Bahamas Carnival  events included in We Jam 2020. Please note that also included in your package are add on options for two (2) Events  listed in addition to J’ouvert and La Vie.


Our package prices vary based on room occupancy and whether a costume is included or not. WE OFFER FLEXIBLE AND NEGOTIABLE PAYMENT PLANS| A   $200 deposit is required to reserve your space.

Road Jammers

      Triple Occupancy     $1529

      Double Occupancy  $1585

     Single Occupancy    $1865

Party Jammers

Triple Occupancy    $1154

Double Occupancy  $1210

Single Occupancy    $1490



How Does The Occupancy Package Work?

We provide group billing or individual billing. You can pay the deposit for
everyone in your room or each person can pay for their own package. If other
people in your room are paying individually, it is important that they choose the
same occupancy.

There is a Triple Occupancy (3 persons per room) maximum. Everyone staying
in a room must select the same occupancy.

If you choose to place a deposit for any additional person(s) in your room, you
will be responsible for payment of the remaining total balance for everyone.
If a roommate cancels, note that the cost for the other persons in the room will
increase if the occupancy changes. If a roommate is added, the cost for
everyone will decrease.

Choosing Your Travel Dates

We recommend arriving in Nassau by Carnival Thursday (April 30th) for
J’ouvert. Most people usually depart on the Monday after the parade because
Sunday is all about the wine down fetes. These are usually beach events, party
cruises, or cooler fetes.
If you can, it would be best to depart on the Tuesday following carnival which
will allow you time on the following Monday to explore and experience what
The Bahamas has to offer by way of tours or a day excursion.


Payment Details

We use the latest SSL-encryption to directly send your credit
information to secure payment provider Stripe.com.

All prices stated are based on a per person rate. A deposit of $200 is required to
reserve your spot.

Our standard payment schedule is monthly installments on the 15th
of each month. Goombay Concierge can adjust your payment plan
based on your preference — please ask for more information.
At least 50%of your balance should be paid by February15th 2020.
Final payment is due April 15, 2020.

We accept the following forms of payment:
– We travel uses the Stripe payment gateway. Fees are 1% +2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
– We also accept direct deposits. This method is also called e-check or ACH. Fees
are 1% +$ 0.30 per transaction
NOTE: All payments MUST be made in US Dollars.
90% of your deposit can be refunded if cancellation occurs up to January 2nd
2020. 10% of your deposit will be held for administrative fees.
90% of your total payments made will be refunded up to January 2nd 2020.
50% of your total payments made will be refunded if cancellation occurs between
January 3rd 2020 and March 31st 2020.
The deposit cost for your costume will not be refunded if an order has already
been made.

If your trip is cancelled entirely, your full deposit can be applied towards a future
Goombay Concierge trip.

Do I Book My Own Flight ?

Yes, you are responsible for booking your own flight. Flights are not included in
our packages. We also advise that you provide us with advanced notice of any
flight delay. If sufficient notice is given, we will arrange transportation for you. If
not, it will be your responsibility to get transportation to the hotel.

Do I Need A Visa To Travel ?

All Americans and Canadians or legal permanent residents of the U.S or
Canada, citizens of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Countries do not
require a visa to visit The Bahamas.
Citizens of other countries can visit Immigration.gov.bs for The Bahamas visa
and entry requirements.

Will I be Safe ?

The Bahamas is a relatively safe destination, particularly as it relates to crimes
against visitors. Your safety is our priority and we have ensured that all events,
activities and places included in our package are safe.

We encourage our patrons to exercise vigilance, caution and common sense. Our local Guides
will also accompany you during your in-destination travels to advise you of any
security risk and what action should be taken to reduce it. The Government of
The Bahamas and our local Police take the safety of our visitors seriously and
usually maintain a strong presence at carnival events and surrounding
locations especially tourist hotspots.

Is There a Roomate Match Program for Solo Participants?

If you need a roommate, please email us at info@goombayconcierge.com. We
will try our best to pair you with someone of similar age, gender and room
occupancy selection; however requests are not guaranteed.

Your decision to accept a roommate is at your own risk. Goombay Concierge
will not be responsible for any claims or cause of action arising out of your
decision to accept a roommate including, without limitation, any injury or
damage to persons or property.

If a guest has been matched with a roommate who subsequently cancels, or
wishes to withdraw from the roommate match program, the additional charge
for the full single or occupancy rate for the remaining roommate(s) will be paid
by the person that cancelled if there is no person to replace them. If a
replacement roommate is found, the cancelling party may still be responsible
for any penalties or fees assessed.

The intent of this policy is to protect the non-cancelling roommate(s)from any
supplemental charges.

Can I Attend Events Not Listed ?

You can purchase tickets for other events; however please notify us in
advance so that transportation can be arranged.
Please note that events included in the package or listed as an add-on option
take priority over any other event as it relates to transportation. We will provide
you with transportation to your event, however if there is a conflict with time or
location of this event that would seriously inconvenience the majority, you may
be required to schedule your own transportation.

Do I Need A Credit Card For The Hotel ?

Yes, a credit card is required at check-in at the Melia. This will be held on file
for any incidentals.